once upon the neckar


Arches Milan June 5, 2011

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Shutters in Milan June 4, 2011

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a splash of Bouganvilla March 13, 2010

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Isn’t it just gorgeous. Bougavillas were everywhere we went and this is all I could bring back – pictures. This particular treasure was in Hyderabad outside the city museum.


So long Munnar July 3, 2009

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Munnar flowers

very wistfully we left Munnar, its lovely weather, the green tea hills and the clean air and drove back to Cochin, with its traffficy roads and signs of newly built high rises and jewellery.





spice garden July 1, 2009

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One of the other main attarctions of Munnar are the spice plantations around itast picture on the right is a perpper plant.: cardamom, vanill, cinnamom you name it. Since we did not havethe time to go to all these plantations (our hired car driver Robin had apparently also been instructions as to to where all he should take us and all that was covered in the costs…) anyway since we did not also have the time, we visited the cinnamon spice gardens and wers shown around by a very very nice man. He showed us almost all the spices and even some fruits listed below in the picture, showed us how they are grown and even gave us information on the spice. It was a very good guided tour.

The first two pictures on the right are those of vanilla trees and vanilla pods. The last picture on the bottom right is a pepper plant.



Indian Tea Pickers… June 29, 2009

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– what a shame!

Tea pickers look like little colouful birds twittering and pecking away on the green hills. These are women in colourful sarees toiling away identifying and picking good quality leaves at an amazing speed on slopes for a pittance a day. In most cases they are the sole earners in the family. These are pictures we took in Munnar.

Surfing on the net threw up articles: 




tea pickers


Tea Picker



Tree June 27, 2009

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We stayed in a nice guesthouse in Munnar called DAS VILLA. Everyroom was clean and smelt sterile, of some kind of cleaning agent. 
We wanted to try out some retaurants for food and oten ended up in an expensive hotel not far form our guest where the food
was passable. The nice thing was that we could eat outdoors and had a wonderful view.

The tree, is it not lovely?




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